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Our Mission:

To provide financial assistance to pediatric cancer patients and their families. My Child’s Hand is a resource that offers help in areas where it is often most needed but least available. When a family cannot pay their rent or their medical bills, we step in. When a procedure needs to be done that insurance won’t cover, My Child’s Hand can help.

My Child's Hand was created by Lory and Billy Pasqua, who witnessed the physical, emotional, and financial struggles a family faces when their child is stricken with cancer. While there are many assistance programs  for traditional medical and hospital expenses, there is often a shortfall of funds for everyday necessities and unique circumstances.This is where My Child’s Hand can help. We feel that if a whole family can be spared some worry, this will benefit the patient and therefore make life a little easier.


My Child’s Hand is taking on a new effort to promote education about and support for food allergies. This is often a confusing and scary topic for parents, and just imagine what it is like for a child to have a potentially deadly condition that people know so little about.  My Child’s Hand wants to teach children (in addition to parents and teachers) the importance of food allergy awareness and help children both with and without allergies understand how to support their allergy sensitive classmates and friends.


My Child's Hand is committed to providing financial support for both of these crucial causes.  Our goal is to lessen the burden on the families of children suffering with childhood cancers, as well as to promote education and awareness of food allergies.  My Child’s Hand aims to give help and hope when it is needed most.

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